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Indiana University Bloomington

Student Staff

Karly Murat-Prater

Office: D128
Room: E332

Karly Murat-Prater– Office Assistant

Hi! I'm Karly, a junior from Plainfield, IN. This will be my first year in the new Global LLC after having been a member of the Global Village for the past two years. My majors are French and International Studies, with a particular focus on global development and humanitarianism in Francophone countries. I have also been studying Italian at IU over the past two years. When I'm not studying, I enjoy petting every single dog, teaching myself new languages, writing, and napping. Feel free to stop by my room, 332, for a cup of coffee, an ear to hear your problems, impromptu dance parties, or anything else you might need!

Jared Schwartz

Office: D128
Room: D332

Jared Schwartz – Office Assistant

Hi everyone, my name is Jared, and I’m from just outside of Kansas City, Missouri. I’m a sophomore here at IU majoring in International Studies and Environmental and Sustainability Studies. I’m also minoring in Biology. This year I’ll be studying Mandarin Chinese and Indonesian, and I'd love to have some conversation partners! Outside of class, I’m involved in research, Model United Nations, and IU’s Hilltop Garden. I love gardening, cooking, watching movies, and meeting new people. If you’d like to chat, find me in the lounge or feel free to drop by my room, D332!

Lillian Jiang

Office: D128
Room: 119

Lillian Jiang Community Mentor

My name is Lillian, and I’m from China. I’m the Community Mentor (CM) of the Global Village this year. I’m also the facilitator for the Chinese Language Cluster here. My duty as CM is to help GVers from around the world to survive in college, explore new things, and enjoy life at the Global Village. I attend weekly meetings at the GV and organize activities with the International Interest Group. As an international student myself, I have also experienced many difficult situations. If you encounter any issues, please come and tell me about it, and I will try my best to help you address your problems. As for leisure activities, I love cooking. If you see me cooking in the lounge during weekends, feel free to try the food.