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Global LLC residents and alumni benefit from the learning environment and leadership opportunities to become global citizens through their individual pursuits. On this news feed, we showcase their accomplishments.

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Fall 2016

global village student

Chelsea Heiney, Alumna, 2010–2015
Executive Director of the Sumner B. Sheets Wildlife Museum and Learning Center

After studying political science at Indiana University and a brief job with the Indiana State Senate proofreading department during the 2016 legislative session, Miss Heiney recently started working as Executive Director of the Sumner B. Sheets Wildlife Museum and Learning Center in Huntington, IN. She utilizes her leadership skills gained at the Global Village while serving on our Central Council, as well as grant writing skills she gained working with Books & Beyond, when managing the museum’s day to day operations.

global village student

Crystal Leming, Alumna, 2013–2015
Peer Counselor at the IU Office of Overseas Study

After spending a semester abroad in Rennes, France and the following semester in Lima, Peru, Crystal returned to IU with a passion to help others study abroad as well. She accepted a position as a Peer Counselor at the IU Office of Overseas Study and has loved her job ever since. She has been a regular guest speaker in classrooms around campus, has promoted studying abroad at involvement fairs, and has presented for groups of prospective IU students. Her experiences in learning new cultures and languages have helped her guide others through the study abroad process from beginning to takeoff. Crystal is a senior with a triple major in Linguistics, French, and Spanish. After graduating in May, she hopes to return to France and study International Relations at the University of Strasbourg.

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Ellie Berry, Alumna, 2009–2011
English Teaching Assistant in France, 2013–2014 and 2015–2016, AmeriCorps VISTA, 2014–2015

After graduating from IU, Ellie spent seven months as an English teaching assistant in the French overseas department of Guadeloupe and later worked as an English teaching assistant in eastern France. Since graduating, she has also completed a year of AmeriCorps VISTA service in the south suburban Chicago area, where she focused on projects related to fighting hunger and increasing access to healthy foods. These experiences have helped influence her decision to return to Bloomington to begin her Masters in IU’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs in Fall 2016.

global village student

Katelyn Mehling, Alumna, 2012–2013
PhD Program at Duke University

This fall, Katelyn is moving to Durham, NC to begin her PhD program at Duke University.  She will be studying American Politics and Research Methodology for the next five years, working as a teaching and research assistant under the esteemed faculty of a top ten political science program.  After completing her program, Katelyn hopes to return to IU as faculty to teach and conduct research of her own.

global village student

Andrew Johnson, Alumnus, 2008–2009
Graduate School in Europe

Andrew graduated from IU in 2012 with a degree in Linguistics and EALC and is currently employed as a Japanese interpreter.  He will be attending a European Masters program in computational linguistics beginning in Fall 2016.  The Erasmus program is taught in English and consists of a consortium of many schools, of which Andrew will attend universities in Saarbrücken, Germany and San Sebastián, Spain. He encourages current students interested in this field to explore classes offered by IU, which has a strong program in computational linguistics taught by some great professors.

global village student

Michael Young, Alumnus, 2011–2012
Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Jordan

Michael, who graduated in 2015 with degrees in Arabic, Linguistics, and Sociology and a minor in Spanish, spent the 2015–2016 academic year in Amman, Jordan, teaching English through the Fulbright ETA Program. The program placed him at both a local college of hospitality and tourism and a school for Palestinian refugee-status boys administered by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. In his spare time, Michael has been taking private Arabic classes and teaching English to refugees from Iraq and Syria. One of his happiest memories from this experience has been co-teaching a weekly Conversational English class for Syrian teenagers at the Zaatari Refugee Camp. Each of these teaching roles has exposed him to very diverse factions within Jordanian society, as well as different Arabic dialects.

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Spring 2016

global village student

Maggie Kline, Alumna, 2012–2014
Elvis J. Stahr Distinguished Senior Award, Entering Pharm.D Program at Purdue University

Maggie was recognized as a recipient of the Elvis J. Stahr Distinguished Senior Award, one of IU's highest academic and service honors. Maggie was an extremely active resident of the Global Village for two years. After leaving the Global Village, Maggie served as the GV German Language Cluster facilitator and IU German Club president. She studied abroad in Freiburg, Germany for a semester and completed a research internship about the effects of radiation on cancerous breast cells in Rostock, Germany through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Maggie served as the DAAD Young Ambassador at IU and did research in biology for four years through the Integrated Freshman Learning Experience (IFLE) and Science, Technology, and Research Scholars (STARs) programs. In May, she will complete a B.S. in Biology and a B.A. in German with minors in Spanish and Chemistry, and she will enter Purdue University's Doctor of Pharmacy program in Fall 2016.

global village student

Kelly Kreutz, Alumna, 2011–2012
Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Brazil

Kelly is a 2016 Indiana University graduate from the School of Global and International Studies and College of Arts and Sciences. She majored in International Studies and Spanish and earned minors in Portuguese and Latino Studies. Kelly began her Fulbright grant in February of 2016, and she is currently working as an English Teaching Assistant at the Federal University of Paraná in Curitiba, Brazil. As an ETA, Kelly acts as an assistant to the English Without Borders and Letras programs at the UFPR. She is also teaching a workshop on higher education in the United States for Brazilian students. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Kelly will also be conducting research on the Haitian and Syrian refugee populations in Curitiba.

global village student

Arielle Moss, Alumna, 2011–2012
Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Morocco

Arielle graduated from Indiana University in May 2015 and is currently serving as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Morocco. Arielle studied abroad in Meknes, Morocco the summer before her junior year, and she has been fortunate to have the opportunity to return to Morocco as an ETA, where she is teaching business English at a university in the bustling beach town of Agadir. Arielle's freshman year at the Global Village provided several outlets for her to explore and meet others who share her interests in travel, cross-cultural exchange, and education.

global village student

Mercedes Farias, Resident, 2014–2016
Study Abroad Program in Cuba Summer 2015,
Nagoya Study Abroad Program in Japan Spring 2017, Freeman-Asia Scholarship Recipient

In the summer of 2015, Mercedes was accepted to travel to Cuba, where she studied the lives of the Cuban people and Cuban society. This experience led to her acceptance to the Nagoya, Japan study abroad program for Spring 2017, for which she received a Freeman-Asia Scholarship. Mercedes’ leadership experience in the Global Village as a Central Council member and treasurer for both Central Council and Books & Beyond made her a strong candidate for this program. Mercedes is excited to improve her Japanese in Nagoya. If being in Cuba taught her anything, it is that immersion is the best way to improve language skills.

global village student

Erik Troske, Alumnus, 2012–2014
Recipient of Kate Hevner Mueller Outstanding Senior Award, Teaching English in France for 2016–2017 Year

A senior majoring in French and International Studies and minoring in German, Troske spent a year in Aix-en-Provence, France, at a university specializing in politics and social sciences. While at IU, in addition to his academic successes, he organized a candlelight vigil for the victims of terrorist attacks in November, and is an editor for the Undergraduate Scholar academic journal. He is a former Q199 instructor and current teacher of a French conversation class at IU, and will spend the 2016–2017 academic year teaching English in the Aix and Marseille areas of France through the TAPIF program. Troske has a passion for foreign languages and cultures and hopes to continue using what he learned in the GV in his future professional pursuits.

global village student

Sarah Harrison, Resident, 2012–2016 Pursuing Master of Library Science at IU

Sarah will attend graduate school at Indiana University after graduating in May 2016 with a degree in English. She has been accepted to the Indiana University Library Science Master's program for the fall, and plans to continue dancing with IU Ballroom Dance as well as working at the Monroe County Public Library while pursuing her degree.

global village student

Kate Bushong, Alumna, 2013–2014
Nagoya Overseas Study Program for 2016–2017,
Summer Intern at the American Institute in Taiwan

Less than a year after returning from a semester long study abroad in Nanjing, China during her sophomore year, Kate was accepted to a study abroad program in Nagoya, Japan at Nanzan University for her senior year at IU, and awarded the prestigious David Albright Scholarship from the SGIS for this program. Many other GV alumni have participated in the Nanzan program in the past, spending a semester or a year abroad totally immersed in Japanese language and culture. She hopes to complete the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test at the N3 level upon her return from the country. Kate has also received a Department of State summer internship at the American Institute in Taiwan.

global village student

Carmen Henderson, Alumna, 2013–2014
Ronald E. McNair Scholarship Recipient

Ms. Henderson is a junior at Indiana University studying International Studies with a focus in Human Rights and International Law. She is a Global Village alumna and a recipient of the Ronald E. McNair Scholarship for the 2015-2016 academic year. She is currently completing research on the subject of migration and human rights in northern Italy.

global village student

Elizabeth Magill, Alumna, 2012-2014
Associate Management Consultant at DHL Consulting

Elizabeth will graduate from Indiana University with degrees in Operations Management and German in May 2016. She will work afterwards as a consultant in Miami with DHL Consulting, the in-house consulting firm of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, a leading mail and logistics company. She looks forward to experiencing the integration of her business experiences from academics and internships with her cultural and linguistic experiences from learning German and Spanish. She is excited to work alongside people from many nationalities and hopes to use this position as a stepping stone to future international consulting projects and business opportunities.

global village student

Emily Schad, Alumna, 2011-2012
Medical ICU Nurse at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

After spending a delightful freshman year of college in the Global Village, Emily went on to attend nursing school in Indianapolis. As she neared graduation in Fall 2015, she fell in love with Washington D.C. and has now landed a job as a medical intensive care unit nurse at Georgetown University Medical Center. She has also written a literature review that she hopes to eventually publish in a research journal.

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Fall 2015

global village student

Seth Zarate, Alumnus, 2010–2012
Social Media Intern at Business Insider in New York City

Seth is a first generation college student and proud former resident of the Global Village. He studied Journalism and Hispanic Studies, and recently accepted a social media internship with Business Insider in New York City. He manages the social media accounts for their newly-created brand Insider. Seth hopes to use his experiences at the Global Village and Indiana University at large to start a career as a media professional. He spent two and a half years at the Global Village, and his final year living off-campus with friends made at the GV.

global village student

Kelsey Mize, Alumna, 2009–2010
Attending Law School at the University of Minnesota

Kelsey began studying at the University of Minnesota Law School in Fall 2015. She plans to focus on international human rights and immigration law. Her time living at the Global Village helped to cultivate her international interests and expose her to the multitude of career paths available in the field of international studies. The Global Village provided her with invaluable experience, both as a Q-199 instructor and through her involvement with Books & Beyond.

global village student

Vamanan Gopalakrishnan, Alumnus, 2011–2014
Social Entrepreneur in Residence at Carnegie Mellon’s Institute for Social Innovation

Vamanan lived in the Global Village for three years, because the community fostered in the building was phenomenal. When he applied to graduate schools, he emphasized his global experience. From being born in Singapore to living in India and China, global cultures and cohesiveness have been a constant in his life. He chose Carnegie Mellon due to their incredible informatics and public policy programs. He has most recently taken a job as Social Entrepreneur in Residence at the CREATE Lab, a social innovation lab. He looks forward to working on projects to make the world a better place – something many others in the GV will accomplish as well.

global village student

Hannah Kurowski, Alumna, 2010–2011
Strategic Communications Consultant for Llorente & Cuenca

After graduating from IU in 2014 with a degree in Political Science and Spanish with a minor in Latino Studies, Hannah decided to move to Mexico City in order to live in an environment where she could speak Spanish and grow professionally. She has been living and working in there for some time, but most recently, she was offered a job at a consulting firm in Mexico City that is based out of Madrid, Spain but with offices all over Latin America and in Miami. At the firm, Llorente & Cuenca, Hannah works to facilitate that international companies maintain their reputations in the market by developing communication strategies, managing crises, and working with the press.

Molly Watanabe

Molly Watanabe, Alumna, 2010–2012
JET Program Assistant Language Teacher at the Takaoka City Board of Education

In August 2015, Molly Watanabe was appointed as an ALT by the Takaoka City Board of Education in Toyama Prefecture through the Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program. Her duties include co-teaching with elementary and junior high school Japanese teachers of English, as well as planning grammar activities. As a foreigner within Takaoka City’s community, she also represents an important part of Takaoka City’s growing internationalism. Through this job, Molly hopes not only to further motivate her students towards becoming more globalized and impassioned young adults, but also gain a new and unique perspective on life as a foreigner in Japan.

Hilary Gaiser

Hilary Gaiser, Alumna, 2007-2009

After graduating from Indiana University in 2010, Hilary Gaiser attended the New England College of Optometry, where she graduated in the spring of 2015. She currently works in private practice in Boston and serves as a vision screening preceptor for entering first year Optometry students while also completing her MS in vision science as part of the New England College of Optometry’s dual OD/MS degree program. Her research in Pediatric Optometry particularly focuses on vision screening devices and methods but has also included work on Optometry in the developing world and public health.


Cameron Mason, Alumnus, 2013-2014
"I am the Wind" by C. V. Mason, Published 2015

Inside the cover of this book, you will find a collection of thoughts.  This collection of thoughts follows the young author’s life as he undergoes physical and emotional change.  It follows the story of a young man who is forced to be alone, while looking for attention, but realizing he was finding himself.  This book also includes an assortment of genres in a poetic format.  The skills that I gained after being a part of the Global Village were key to my success.  While pursuing my degree in East Asian Languages and Cultures, the Global Village helped to promote my growth as a writer.  I made many lifelong friends and had experiences that will be key additions to my next work.  Post-graduation, I hope I am able to keep these memories and friendships alive.  Thank you, GV and administrators, for giving me a place to learn, grow, and succeed.


Emily Barnett, Alumna, 2010–2012
Assistant Language Teacher in the JET Progra

Emily graduated from Indiana University in 2014. During her junior year, she studied abroad in Nagoya, Japan. After graduation, she applied for the JET Program to teach English in Japan. After a lengthy application process, Emily was accepted into the program as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher). In July 2015, she moved to Nagasaki City and now teaches English classes at one junior high school and three elementary schools. She hopes to stay with the program for three years, and afterwards plans to enter graduate school to pursue a career in study abroad advising and coordination.

Ellen Marie Queen

Ellen Marie Queen, Alumna, 2008–2010
Admitted to the Indiana Bar

Ellen Marie Queen, known as "Marie" to her friends and fellow GVers, passed the Indiana Bar Exam administered July 28 and 29 this summer.  On September 28, 2015, she was admitted to the Indiana State Bar to practice in state courts.  She was also admitted to both the Northern and Southern federal district courts to practice law.

Zachary Ammerman

Zachary Ammerman, Alumnus, 2008-2009
Agricultural Assistant at the French Embassy

Zachary Ammerman, who lived at the Global Village his freshman year from 2008 to 2009, started a job on September 1 as Agricultural Assistant for the Department of Economic Affairs at the Embassy of France in the United States in Washington, D.C.  In this position, he helps draft speeches for officials like the Ambassador, the Minister Counselor for Economic Affairs and the Agricultural Counselors, helps prepare and monitor budgets for Embassy officials’ travel and helps get State Department approval for and planning of American officials’ trips to France, among other things.

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Spring 2015

Jenny McDougall

Jenny McDougall, Alumna, 2008–2012
Assistant Language Teacher, Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program

Jenny will be making a career out of her international interests fostered at the Global Village as an Assistant Language Teacher with the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) in the summer of 2015. Living at the GV provided her with an environment for her academic interests to flourish and to explore her career path.

Kalah Reneé Gallapoo

Kalah Reneé Gallapoo, Alumna 2012–2013
Fulbright Grant Recipient, Germany

Kalah has been awarded a Fulbright to teach pre-college English in Saxony, Germany, from August 2015 to June 2016 with the Pädagogischer Austauschdienst and the German Fulbright Commission. Only 140 of these grants are offered in Germany, and Kalah feels very fortunate to receive this prestigious award.

Crystal Leming

Crystal Leming, Resident, 2013–2015
Studying Abroad in Rennes, France, and Limu, Perú, 2015–2016 Academic Year, Josephine Stuckey Scholar

Crystal will be studying abroad in Rennes, France, for fall 2015 as a Josephine Stuckey Scholar. She is also the recipient of the Hutton International Experiences Program Grant (HIEP). In France, she will be studying at the Université de Haute Bretagne and will intern as an English teacher in a French school. In spring 2015, she plans on studying at the Pontífica Universidad Católica de Perú in Lima, Perú.

Molly Zweig

Molly Zweig, Alumna, 2011–2013
Elvis J. Stahr Distinguished Senior Award Recipient, May 2015

Molly is a triple major in International Studies, Spanish, and Portuguese, with a minor in Marketing. She won the Elvis J. Stahr Distinguished Senior Award in April 2015, recognizing her academic achievements as well as her leadership skills, in part as a GV Q-199 Peer Instructor and Spanish Cluster Facilitator. Molly now works in the International Programs Office at the Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati.

Kelsey Lechner

Kelsey Lechner, Alumna, 2011–2014
Coordinator of International Relations, Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program

After studying abroad in Nagoya, Japan her junior year and interning in Taipei, Taiwan, in the summer of 2014, Kelsey will be returning to Japan as the Coordinator of International Relations for the Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program! Her GV leadership as the Japanese Language Cluster Facilitator and a Q-199 Peer Instructor and multicultural experiences proved invaluable in her scholarship, internship, and job applications!

Aaron Martin

Aaron Martin, Resident, 2013–2015
Studying Abroad in Austria

Aaron is currently studying abroad for spring 2015 in Vienna, Austria, with IES. He has visited many cities, but so far, his favorite city is Venice. Aaron started as a Student Office Assistant in fall 2014, assisting in event advertising and GV recruitment. He is returning to the GV in the fall of 2015, where he will continue working as a Student Office Assistant.

Anne Rathell

Anne Rathell, Alumna, 2006–2008
Attending Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania

Anne will begin her studies in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in the fall of 2015. She will be pursuing a Master's in Education in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL). Anne feels that her time at the GV helped her decide to attend graduate school. Living with people who shared her interests in foreign language and culture, having a network of friends who studied abroad, fantastic guidance from Jeff, and her passion to learn and teach others about language and culture ignited her interest in teaching. Upon graduation, Anne hopes to break into the TESOL job market in Chicago, Illinois.

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