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Q199 is a one-credit course required of all students new to the Global LLC. Through class discussions led by peer instructors, “Q” engages you in conversations about world affairs and global issues, and inspires you to think about your own role in global society. Ultimately, the goal of Q199 is to provide a forum where you can explore with your peers the economic, cultural, political, educational, and social dimensions of globalization.



Spring 2017

Gay Muslim man with signKaty Blackwood [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons GLLC-G 220 (35783) Global Village Colloquium, Topic: Politics of Gender and Sexuality in the Islamic World (3 cr.)
Onur-Cifci, A.; MW 2:30P–4:45P; FQ 012A

This course takes gender and sexuality as a lens through which we will examine Muslim societies and their ways of living Islam in a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary perspective. Certain kinds of gender and sexual practices of Muslim societies such as the veil, seclusion of women in the domestic sphere, polygamy, homosocialism etc. have become the markers that portray the Islamic world as fundamentally different from Western societies, and Muslims as “exotic,” “backward,” “uncivilized,” and even “threatening” people. This course provides selected case studies from various Muslim societies in order to have a thorough and most current understanding of the sophistication of Muslim culture and thinking beyond such widespread stereotypes. Besides others, our discussions will largely focus on the most central hotspots of the Islamic world: masculinity and transsexuality in Iran, homosocialism and homoeroticism in Afghanistan, high-tech reproductive technologies in Egypt, female genital mutilation in Somalia, gender multiplicity among Omani and Indian Muslims, transgender prayer houses in Indonesia, cross-dresser dancers in Turkey, and the rising honor killings and veiling among western Muslims.    

NOTE: This course is held during the 2nd Eight-Weeks session, and will begin on March 6, 2017.

Gene CoyleGLLC-G320 (9571) Global Village Symposium, Topic: Espionage in the 21st Century (3 cr.)
(CASE S&H; above course meets with HON-H 304)
Coyle, G.; TR 2:30P–3:45P; FQ 012B

While some aspects of espionage have not changed in centuries, new technologies have changed the way that governments and corporations go about spying. We will explore how all these developments are creating enormous challenges for intelligence agencies in the 21st century. The course is taught by a 30-year veteran of the CIA.

     NOTE: This section is open to sophomores and above; freshmen who seek admission need to contact Additional seats are reserved for GV residents and alumni. Please contact the Global Village at if class is closed.

Literacy and Leadership in Rwanda EDUC-L295 (14714) Literacy and Leadership in Rwanda – A Service-Learning Course (1 cr.)
Marinova, V.; W 7:00P–9:00P; FQ 012B

The Literacy and Leadership course prepares students for an international summer service-learning trip to work with an English summer camp (Kabwende Primary School) in Kinigi, Rwanda. The second-8-week session will address service ethics, history, culture, and politics, language, and training for camp instructors. The Spring 2017 semester section of the course serves as an introduction to Rwandan culture and pre-departure orientation for interested students. The course will be followed by a month-long service trip that will take place during the summer term (approximately, mid-July to mid-August, 2017). The service trip includes excursions to Gisoze Genocide Museum, Lake Burera, Volcanoes National Park (one of the very few places in the world where you can still see gorillas in the wild), Nyamata Genocide Memorial, Queen Elizabeth National Park in neighboring Uganda, and many more.

     Note: This course is held during the 2nd Eight-Weeks session, and will begin on March 6, 2017.

Students interested in traveling to Rwanda will also need to register for EDUC-L296 (2 cr.), a month-long summer course (Summer 2017) that takes place in Kinigi, Rwanda.

For details or to enroll in the course, please contact Vera Marinova,