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Indiana University Bloomington

Prospective Residents

15 Reasons To Live in the Global LLC

  1. Become a part of the most enriching multicultural, multilingual, multidisciplinary, multinational residence hall at IU.
  2. Have on-site access to staff who can address questions about international visas, study abroad, professional development, academics, and more.
  3. Enjoy internationally focused activities, such as films, field trips, and cultural celebrations.
  4. Live with a roommate who shares your language and cultural interests.
  5. Develop your plan and skills to study abroad.
  6. Learn from professors and other guest speakers who have lived, worked, and studied overseas.
  7. Strengthen leadership skills by helping plan community events and taking on student leader roles in various GLLC organizations.
  8. Grow as a global citizen to prepare for 21st-century global careers, opportunities, and life.
  9. Participate in Books & Beyond—an international service-learning literacy project—during the year, then travel to Rwanda in the summer.
  10. Engage more deeply with campus and Bloomington activities and resources.
  11. Learn about languages and cultures you are not already studying.
  12. Always have someone to share a meal, watch a movie, or study with.
  13. Take a variety of courses offered through the GLLC.
  14. Take advantage of a kitchen with stove and oven, refrigerator, sink, appliances, cooking spices, real plates and silverware, cooking utensils, and more.
  15. Be a part of a tight-knit community while still enjoying full service amenities like live-in resident assistants on each floor, on-site computer labs, lounges, new A/C units, shared half-baths for every two rooms, various dining options, and bright, spacious study areas.