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Indiana University Bloomington


double room Crimson Cafe formal lounge Read room

Your double room comes with standard furnishings:

  • Two shelf closets (one with two shelves (24" x 26") and one with six shelves (24" x 13"))
  • Two hanging closets
  • Two large mirrors
  • Two extra-long twin beds
  • Two desks with lights
  • Two chairs
  • One bookshelf (3' x 1' x 3.5')
  • It also includes carpeted floors, corkboard-lined wall sections, curtains, heating/AC unit, and one window sill (10'8" x 7").

    There are shared half-bathrooms between every two rooms, with full bathroom options available as well.

    Items not included with the room include: microwave and refrigerator (you can either bring these from home or rent them from an IU-approved third-party vendor), bedding, towels, hangers, and decorations.

    Your floor lounge includes:

  • Sofas
  • Tables with chairs
  • A full kitchen with stove, oven, appliances and kitchen wares
  • Blender, griddle, microwave, refrigerator and freezer, rice cooker, toaster, toaster oven, electric kettle, cooking utensils, cutting boards, cutlery, dishes, mugs, pots and pans, dish drying towels, dish soap and scrubber
  • Recycling bins (aluminum, cardboard, paper, and plastic)
  • Large trash bins
  • Other facilities exclusive to the Global LLC include:

  • Bulletin boards with GLLC and campus events and resources
  • Prayer room available to students of all faiths
  • Computer lab (computers with headsets, webcams, and a laser printer)
  • Staff offices
  • Water fountains
  • Read Hall offers a wide array of facilities for its residents, which are all accessible without leaving your building:

  • Well-lit formal lounges – comfortable areas to study or chat with friends
  • Floor lounges with A/C, couches, chairs, and tables
  • Center desk (staffed 24 hours)
  • Crimson Café in the building – complete with full C-store and Starbucks!
  • Hoosier Den
  • CLDC with computer lab, printers, and office supplies to borrow
  • Second computer lab in basement
  • Group study stations
  • Laundry
  • Vending
  • “Movies, Music, & More” with foreign film collection
  • Music practice rooms
  • Pianos
  • Dance studio
  • Mailboxes
  • Elevators to your floor
  • Nearby dining options include Forest and Wright Quad’s dining halls and many restaurants along 3rd Street.

    Read Hall is in close proximity to the following on-campus buildings and facilities:

  • Global and International Studies Building
  • Office of Overseas Study
  • Indiana Memorial Union
  • IU Cinema & IU Auditorium
  • Jacobs School of Music
  • T.I.S. College Bookstore
  • Most of the classroom buildings on campus (Ballantine, Woodburn, Jordan, Swain, etc.)