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Indiana University Bloomington

Find A Part-Time Job

On-Campus Paid Work Opportunities for GLLC Residents

Research shows that students get better GPAs if they work while in school (but no more than 20 hours per week).  Here are a few more reasons why getting a job on campus is a great idea!

  • Having a job will reduce the amount of debt you incur while in school.
  • You will earn money to contribute to your bills.
  • Working makes you aware of how hard it is to earn money, but how easy it is to spend it.
  • It gives you valuable work experience while you are still in college and in a friendly, supportive environment.
  • Holding a part-time job will teach you valuable time-management skills; you will use your time better, and you will enjoy your free time more.

If you’re interested in working on campus, below is a list of job opportunities that are open to you as an undergraduate.

In the Global LLC:

  • Student Office Assistant
    Duties: Post flyers, assist other GLLC staff with clerical tasks, assist with events.
    How to Apply: Email Vera Marinova at for more information.

At Read Hall (and Other Residential Communities):