A place for globally-minded students

The Global Living-Learning Community (Global LLC) is home to 120 students seeking to expand their knowledge of world affairs, foreign languages, and cultures. We provide an enhanced educational experience for Indiana University students with a common interest in global affairs—whatever their major or career path. Global LLC students live together while attending classes, networking, and exploring the world with its interconnections and opportunities.

Our students are passionate about understanding the world in all its diversity, from politics and religion to art, food, language, and science. By bringing your unique experiences, beliefs, and values to the Global LLC, you can enlighten the minds of those whom you talk to during a culture night, language micro-lesson, or late-night hang out in the kitchen-lounge. As you share your own experiences, you will also be exposed to a wide array of new cultures and ideas, both from your peers and from the programs offered by the Global LLC.

The Global LLC seeks to cultivate an environment where students inspire each other and receive support. Our programs help define professional goals, identify campus resources and opportunities, provide academic direction, and prepare you both for your study at IU and your future success in the world. We integrate residential living with formal and informal learning for motivated undergraduates with international interests, regardless of academic discipline or major. The Global LLC is multinational, multicultural, multilingual, and multidisciplinary.

What is a Living-Learning Center (LLC)?

A Living-Learning Center is a residential space designed to bring students interested in common goals together. In addition to being a residence hall, an LLC has funding, dedicated facilities, staff support, and distinct academic options. You must apply to live in an LLC.

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