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A community for internationally engaged students

The Global LLC maintains its reputation as a globally minded and engaged community by following three initiatives: transformational experiences, global citizenship, and career preparation. These priorities are designed to enrich our students in their current studies while preparing them for future careers, providing a holistic and integrated academic experience. Each of these initiatives makes the Global LLC the premier community for our students.

Transformational experiences

Positive transformational experiences await students living in the Global LLC. The unique opportunities available in this community teach you to think in new ways, encounter differences, and reconsider perspectives. We achieve these transformational experiences through study abroad, educational trips, service, and volunteerism.

Global citizenship

Through formal and informal activities, our Global LLC students learn how to appreciate diverse cultures and perspectives as well as navigate in an increasingly cosmopolitan world. Global citizenship is taught in our GLLC-Q199 Introduction to Global Citizenship course and reinforced by our cross-cultural living arrangements.

Career preparation

By studying at IU and living in the Global LLC, you can learn about the world around you and explore meaningful and productive careers. We are committed to providing you with opportunities to develop the skills and abilities to succeed in whatever field you choose.

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